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Date Milestones
July 7, 1984 Grand Opening.
April, 1988 Promote and Carry out Resources & Wastes Recycling.
July, 1989 Establish Wheelchair Accessible and Braille.
July 7, 1989 First Park Open Nighttime.
July 7, 1992 Launch of Taiwanese Folk Art Theatre.
October 10, 1992 Launch of Presidential Office in Mini Taiwan Area.
September 26, 1993 Establish Theme Park area and miniature world landscapes.
July, 1994 Launch of A-Li-Shan in Mini Taiwan Area.
1996 Establish water-mist sprinkler system in mini Taiwan and mini China areas.
Feb, 1997 New Theme launched:American Indian Adventure.
August 22, 1998 New Theme launched:Nile Adventure.
August, 1999 Launch of Shaolin Temple, Hanshan Temple and Yellow Crane Tower in Mini China area.
2001 Launch of amusement facilities:Hercules and Bubu Car.
July 7, 2004 Launch of water facilities:Thunderstorm and Baby Captain.
20th Anniversary
June, 2005 Launch of amusement facilities:Strawberry Wheel, Jumping Star and Little Pilot.
July, 2005 Establish water-mist sprinkler system in mini Europe area.
Feb, 2006 Launch of amusement facility:Rocking Boat, and mini High Speed Rail.
April, 2006 Launch of Panda area in Mini China.
January, 2007 Launch of Bulguksa, Korea in mini Asia.
July, 2007 Launch of water facility:Crazy Rapid.
July, 2008 Grand Opening of Jumbo Wave Water Park and Water Mania.
January, 2009 Grand Opening of "Doraemon Theme Park at WOC" and Doraemon Show Room.
June, 2009 Establish Ali Mountain observation Path.
Feb, 2010 Launch of Doraemon Ferris Wheel, Ferris Wheel Restaurant, and "Doraemon Theme Park at WOC" Anniversary Train.
June, 2011 Launch of "OPEN Magic Park at WOC" event.