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Mascot Acquaint

  • Name:Lucky
  • Birthday:July 7th
  • Height:150cm
  • Blood Type:O
  • Personality:Lucky is a reliable and responsible boy who is interested in scientific and physics concepts of all amusement rides in the park. He is often been called WOC Newton!
  • Hobby:Great !!
  • Favorites:Travel and Rhinoceros Beetles
  • Favorite Rides:Crazy Rapid
  • Name:Funny
  • Birthday:Mar. 8th
  • Height:140cm
  • Blood Type:B
  • Personality:Funny is a reliable, helpful but shy girl who is passionate for world architectures, art history and related fields. If you have any questions relating to social and history, Funny will answer them for you!
  • Hobby:OK!OK!
  • Favorites:Travel and dessert-making
  • Favorite Rides:Water Mania