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Dino Maze Adventure Regulation & Information 2019.10.01
Dino Maze Adventure 
Regulation & Information

  1. Please take off your shoes and put on socks before entering and barefoot is restricted inside the facility.
  2. Children under 90 cm are not suitable for this facility.
  3. Children of heights 90~120cm should be accompanied by adults and please mind your children’s safety at all time.
  4. This facility is not suitable for guests with weight over 80kg.
  5. This facility is not suitable for guests of age 65 and above.
  6. Please follow the instructions given by staffs on site. While playing, do not push, tumble or do any other acts that might endanger yourself or others.
  7. Please queue up and enter in order.
  8. Please do not climb or bang hard on any parts of the facility as this might cause severe damages.
  9. Please do not pull the safety net or bouncing hard inside the facility.
  10. All personal belongings such as watches, cellphones, coins, backpacks, cameras...etc., or any valuables are not allowed inside the facility.
  11. Our park holds no responsibility to any guests’ belongings or valuables; please mind them at your own risks.
  12. To avoid danger, selfie sticks, or objects with sharp, rigid edges or with loose parts are restricted inside the facility.
  13. Guests wearing prescription glasses should secure them before using the facility.
  14. Our park holds no responsibility for any accidents or injuries causing by improper use of the facility, not following the regulations of the facility or the instructions given by staffs on site.
  15. Our park holds the right to restrict guests with violent or improper behaviors entering the facility.
  16. No food inside the facility.
  17. Before entering, please evaluate your health condition and if guests who have just eaten, make sure you rest for a while prior entering.
  18. Guests who feel unwell while playing should stop using the facility and inform the staffs on site for help.
  19. Guests with heart conditions, hypertensions, asthma, epilepsy, spinal injuries, osteoporosis, or alcoholic, expectant mothers, are not suitable for this facility.
  20. This facility may close due to inclement weather conditions; please refer to the announcement on site for further information.