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Mini Taiwan

Taiwan's architectural history spans three centuries, beginning with the Mian and Cantonese settlers through to the Dutch-Spanish period, the Ming Dynasty and Cheng Cheng-kung period, the Ching Dynasty period, the Japanese Colonial Period and Liberation. If you would like experience the beauty of Formosa and the art of architectures on the island and the cause of Taiwan economical boost, The Ten Major Constructions, take a tour through the Mini Taiwan area!



Mini China

The riches of Chinese ancient civilization in the form of classical buildings from the north and south historical settings and the emperor's wedding are all presented here before your eyes. See for yourself ancient stories brought to life such as Meng Chiang-nu bring down the Great Wall with her tears, Hsiang Yu's fury as he burns down the ancient city of Hsienyang, the natural habitat of pandas in Wolung as well as the Hakka people's building, the circular fortified village Chichenglo in Fuchian in ages past.


Mini Asia

Discover the Asian devotion to the Buddhism and Islam as well as all the countries' fine culture. See the Todai-ji Temple in Japan – the largest wooden building in the world, examine the Bulguksa Temple in Korea – a world heritage building. When you visit Window on China, be sure not to miss the Mini Asia.


Mini Europe

When you visit Europe, pay close attention to its architecture as it determines the appearances of European cities. Travel through the major cities, it is as if you are browsing through a thick history of Western architecture. If you would like to experience the beauty of European buildings in one trip, head over to Window on China! Visit the Greek Acropolis, the Roman Worms Cathedral, the Gothic St. Francis Cathedral and as well as St. Basil's Cathedral which incorporates Byzantium influences, Gothic spires and Roman Arches.


Mini America

The Statue of Liberty with its 100 tons of bronze, the world's largest stone obelisk, the Washington Monument, the famous sculptural master piece, the Four Presidents on Mount Rushmore, and the temple to the Sun God , the Kukulkan Pyramid – these testify to the America's short yet amazing history of development into its influential position today. Don't miss out on all these famous landmarks in our Mini America!