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Admission Fare

Admission Fare
Ticket Types



School Children



Price 799 NTD 699 NTD 599 NTD 499 NTD 399 NTD
Promotion 499 NTD 399 NTD
Group Please reserved in advance
Admission Tickets Information
Ticket Types Descriptions
For adults of age 18 and above.
For students of age 12 and above.
School Children For school children of age above 6 (include) and under 12.
Kids For kids of height over 90 cm, or under age 6.
For handicapped and one escort, pregnant women, elderly of age 65 and above.
Free Children of height under 90 cm or under age of 3 and accompany by adults are free of charge. (related identification is required; not valid for kindergarten groups)
Group For 20 people and more. (Group Admission is required for prior reservation and travel together by a tour bus)
5-Month Pass 799 NTD After admission to park, with additional $799 NT, you can enjoy as many times as you like up to 5 months, traveling around the world in Window on China!  
1.Information contained is subject to change. Please refer to the latest announcement made in-park.
2.Please present respective identification when purchasing tickets.
3.All entertainment services may be interrupted, cancelled or re-scheduled due to inclement weather or unforeseen factors. The information will be posted in front of ticket window. Please consider best of your privileges before you purchase tickets.
4.All tickets include tax; uniform invoices will not be issued separately.
5.Please do not purchase tickets from questionable source.
6.Group discount is for 20 people or more with prior reservation. For group reservation, please send your inquiries to our sales department.
Group Inquiry
Location Telephone e-mail
Lungtan +886-3-471-7211 Ext. 292
Taichung +886-4-2380-1095
Parking Fees
Bus/Van/RV 100 NTD Vehicles 100 NTD