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Are pets allowed inside the park?
In order to provide the best service qualities for all guests, pets are prohibited inside the park. Thank you for your cooperations.
Does Window on China provide evening admissions? If so, how much is the admission fare and when is the admission time?
The evening admission is a seasonal promotion, please be advised to our official websites for further updates on all seasonal special offers.
What is the required number of people for group admission and what is the ticket price for that?
The group admission is for groups of 30 people or more with prior reservation (bookings on admission day is unacceptable) and it is required for the group to travel together by tour buses. For group admission inquiry, please contact our sales department as followed:
Location Telephone e-mail
Lungtan +886-3-471-7211  Ext. 292
Taichung +886-4-2471-2809
Are there extra charges for certain attractions inside the park?
To provide a convenient and relaxing park for all guests, Window on China offers all day fun on land or in water with only one admission price, except for souvenirs, food and beverages and other coin-operated services.
Are the restaurants inside the park provide vegetarian cuisine?
Yes! We provide different types of dish for our vegetarian .
Is swim wear required for all water facilities and what other information I need to know before admission?

To provide and maintain the best water quality, swimming suits and caps are required for using water facilities inside the Jumbo Wave Water Park. Other water facilities outside the water park, such as the Crazy Rapid and the Jumbo Wave ride are not required for swim wear. For the safety of all guests, please do not run or chase inside all water facilities. Parental care is strong advised for children’s safety.

Are there rental services for strollers and wheelchairs? Is it free of charge?
We provide strollers and wheelchairs Rentals at the front entrance Information desk and the rental fees are as followed:
Strollers  Rental fee:$ 50 NT ( $500 NT is required as cash pledge; full amount will be refunded after stroller returned)
Wheelchairs  Free of charge (personal information form is to be filled out and one piece of personal identification is required)
※ Please be advised that strollers and wheelchairs must be returned before leaving!
Where is the luggage storage located inside WOC .
At the front entrance service station, we provide travelling luggage storage services. As for carry-ons (including backpacks, handbags…etc.), we provide paid storage lockers at the front entrance area, Indoor European Park, Pharaoh’s Theater and Jumbo Wave Water Park.
Where is Window on China located and how do I get there?
We are located at Lungtan Hsiang, Taoyuan County. If you are coming from Taipei area, you may take the Tai-lian Bus; if you are coming from areas south of Taoyuan County, you may take High Speed Rail (HSR) to Hsinchu station and change to public buses to our park. For more details please visit our website for “Travel Guide”.
Is accommodations provided inside or near Window on China?
For more information on accommodations, please visit our website for further information.