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Park Information

Apart from food and coin-operated facilities, ticket holders have free access to all rides at WOC on the day of purchase. Tourists who enter the park and wish to enter again after exiting on the same day must stamped the park stamp at the exit door.
All tickets should be used on the day of purchase. Pre-order tickets need to be used before the due date. Please do not purchase tickets from questionable sources.
There are possibilities that park opening time, ticket price, performance or amusement facilities may be interrupted, changed, or cancelled due to seasonal weather influences or any other unforeseen factors. Sorry for the inconvenience and the availability is based solely on the announcement in the theme park.
Group discount is for 20 people or more with prior reservation. No discount on the admission day.
Entertainment may be interrupted, cancelled or re-scheduled due to inclement weather or unforeseen factors. The information will be posted in front of ticket window. Please think over before you purchase tickets.
For public safety purpose, dangerous objects, bicycles and rollerblades are prohibited inside the park.
No smoking inside the park besides designate area.
For safety and sanitary purpose, bubble gums and betel nuts are prohibited inside the park.
Bringing in outside food will produce additional large quantity of garbage; Please preserve the park environment together. There are no BBQ area inside the theme park, cooking and fire starting is strictly prohibited in the theme park.
In order to provide all the tourists with the best attraction and entertainment services, pets are prohibited in the theme park except for the guide dog. Please use the Pet Service Center; NT$50 per use.
Any commercial photo taking and activity inside the park are subject to prior consent from WOC.
Other points for attention please refer to announcement on site and the park introduction. Please follow the instructions provided by the Park staffs to avoid accident. We apologized for any inconvenience.